This is the exclusive Adult literary site for Bryan K. Broderick. He is a native of Miami Florida from 1971 but raised in New Jersey since the age of five. A devout follower of God and Jesus but not a closed minded individual at all for he has beliefs in evolution and re-incarnation. The only perfect season NFL team, the "Miami Dolphins" being his favorite franchise since kindergarten. An animal lover to where he's trying to become a pescetarian for the cruelty aspect and would stop on any road for a creature in need. A lover of nature, walking and light hiking he enjoys for cardio and to appreciate his surroundings. An automobile buff currently restoring and customizing a classic truck. Big into marine biology and scuba, a whole nother' world beneath the waves! Smooth Jazz is most appealing to his ears especially when writing and delicious carbs are most appetizing to his taste buds (pizza, pasta, breads, wheat beer, pastries). Injured from the military and workplace he needed to find a type of work which was not physical and where he could use his creativity. His first work being "The Adventures Of Harry Dik, Mike Hunt & A. Hole" in the fall of 2017.

He designs and makes his own artistic covers for all of his books as well as all of the interior pictures (either photos or graphics). Bryan believes if he is able to perform whatever skill regardless of how much knowledge or experience he has, he would rather do it himself than to outsource anything for another to do. If his name is on the book it's there because he took the time to do all that was necessary to put said book together.

He currently has two other projects in the works but not one will be sent in for publishing until he is satisfied with the work he has done. So please be patient and check back every so often to see what has been posted to Amazon.com for sale.

If you have any questions, etc... please send all correspondence to: Bryan@PervertedSnowmanPublishing.com

Thank you!