Hello & Welcome!

Bryan here. A Christian, single male. A native born Miamian but raised in N.J. since I was five years old. I am a Dolphin's fan though, lol.

A few of my interests are: Animal welfare and adoption from the Humane Society or SPCA. Coffee houses and classy lounges. Writing of course and making web graphics (pictures) for my books. Walking and hiking in nature for cardio and to appreciate my surroundings. Marine biology and scuba diving. Classic truck restoration and customization. Cooking gourmet at home for friends. Seeing the Miami Dolphins play in person. Smooth Jazz mostly but also Classic Rock & Metal.

Comedy also is a big part of my life, it helps the misery of "my" real life (lol) disappear for a while. People such as: Ed Bassmaster. Weird Al Yankovic! Jerry Lewis. Howard Stern. Tom Green. Adam Sandler. Doug Tracht (The Greaseman). Pauly Shore (The Weasel). Key & Peele. Jim Carrey and the rest of the cast of "In Living Color". Ed O'neill and the gang from "Married with Children". Tom Hanks. John Candy. Dan Aykroyd. Steve Martin. Bill Murray. Michael Richards. Jerry Seinfeld. John Hughes. Martin Short. As well as Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and all the guys & gals of View Askew, Broken Lizard & Jackass.

I have 5 books posted so far with one always in the works. I'm just starting out so it's going to take time for a library of my works although I do take much pride in what I make and publish which means anything you see from me will only be quality!

I should have started doing this years ago, I could be so much further ahead than what I am. As the old saying goes though: "It's better late than never". So here I am at your service with pen in hand and my brain full of creativity just for "YOU"!

I have been thru a lot in life so far. I believe you should never give up and let the world win. People might beat you down but you have to do whatever necessary to get back up and fight for what is yours to live the best caliber of life you can!

If you have any questions, etc... please send all correspondence to me at:


Thank you!



This book has already been copyrighted (legally protected) but is still being tweaked before I put it out for the masses.